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Online Board Games

March 20, 2020 1 comment

Fans of board games might be missing the social interaction that goes with playing, while we’re locked away inside from the coronavirus pandemic. A lot of app-based board games provide online play options, so you can gather friends & family for a game while you chat via Skype or FaceTime. Here’s a list of some good options.

Ticket To Ride

Small World 2

Twilight Struggle



San Juan

Scotland Yard

Catan Classic

Catan Universe


  • iOS $5
  • not on Android


  • iOS $5 (This version is developed by a different company and probably won’t work with the other platforms. It was set to expire but was just given a reprieve.)
  • Android $5
  • Steam (Windows) $10
  • Nintendo Switch $20

Neuroshima Hex

7 Wonders



  • iOS $3
  • not on Android

Exploding Kittens

Trickster Cards

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December 12, 2010 Leave a comment

I wanted to share some links to some cool stuff I’ve found recently.

This is a free monthly magazine by the folks to publish the Pragmatic Programmers series of books. They release the issues in pdf, epub and mobi formats in addition to HTML on the site. Lots of great stuff to load onto your ereader.

This site is a hub for software news. There’s a lot of press releases for Apache projects you’ve never heard of, but there’s also some Q&A with project managers and commentary on the goings on with Oracle and whatnot. Add the RSS feed to your feed reader and subscribe to their free occasional PDF magazine JAXmag.

The Java Posse
This is a group of four high-level developers who do a semi-regular podcast discussing Java. It can get really annoying when they talk over each other, and the episodes sometimes approach two rambling hours in length, but they are really smart and well-connected guys who are usually worth listening to.

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